Terra Joulle

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We are at the beginning of Terra Joulle (TJ). Every next step that we take is because of the destiny of TJ.
This all is not complete. I can not tell if it is complete over 1 month.1 year or 10 years.
The only thing that I know is that we need help. Help in the form of questions that are asked because that can be a conversation. The more questions are being asked the more wisdom we can share with each other.
Imagine that everything that we know now is not true. Then I would still be grateful to follow this liftestyle because of these relaxt life that we may have.
A lifestyle where we become one with our nature and with ourselves. A lifestyle where we can getting and sharing wisdom is in balance.

Terra Joulle is a Polytheism religion. Before the year 1000 v.Chr. there were persons that believer in several gods.
With out a problem they worshipped  a long time in Gods that they thought they needed it.
Every country or continent worshipped another God. They believed more then hundreds or even thousands of years in this Gods because there were miracles.
Mankind will not believe anything without any proof. The time changed and we learned to translocate ourselves. We travelled to other countries. Some groups had the thought that they could help there God to get more followers. Sadly enough some nations had to choose between death or convert to another faith. Thousands of years ago there are wars about different faiths until today. Because of these wars there are many Gods forgotten. People are being forced to believe 1 particular God. Because of this several Gods do not have followers anymore and so no influence on earth. Those are forgotten Gods who people do not believe in anymore.
Terra Joulle is arise by the lifestyle of a group of people. Those people all have the same lifestyle as kid and now. A lifestyle where we all got our different ways that we got our wisdoms out of it.
Loving all nature as family is the first step by all of us.
In our younger years we all have experienced different ways so that we could be a group with each other in this time. In these years we shared our wisdoms with each other and got some deep conversations out of it.  Because our past we are at the point that we are right now. Be curious and we will take care of using your inner wisdom. Because of this wisdom you will use your inner powers. You are going to use your paranormal powers. You are going to explore your own wisdoms.
We just plant a seed and you let the seed grow to a big tree. If your tree finally have your own seeds you could plant a seed by other people so that the evolution will spread out. Only together we can achieve our purposes.

We are a TJ now but you to will be a TJ to.

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